Data Entry System (DES)

The Data Entry System (DES) a generalization of the online data entry tool used for the German WW1 casualty lists.

It is purely a data entry tool.

Only the data found in the source to be captured is captured. Nothing is added from other sources and no implied corrections are made. Only when a source (e.g. a city directory) is complete, the data transferred to the actual target database. Only then are the data records permanently referencable!

In order to make the data entry work a little more attractive, a search function has been added to the DES. This means that any data record entered can be found immediately via this search. In addition, the search is used for quality assurance. You can mark data entry errors found via the search and ask the project administrators to correct them.


Anyone can join right now! But before starting to enter data, it is strongly recommended to read the user manual and follow the project-specific edition guidelines. Although the recording is very simple due to the predefined structure, there are always a few special features that must be handled in the same way by all transcribers.